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    Principal, Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
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MORSE Services



MORSE Consulting offers ongoing strategic advice to optimize the prospect of reimbursement success throughout the Canadian pharmaceutical lifecycle.
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MORSE Consulting develops tailored reimbursement assessments and analyses to meet a client’s evolving needs – from comprehensive reimbursement landscape assessments to detailed time-to-listing analyses.


MORSE Consulting organizes, facilitates, and participates in numerous types of advisory boards. This includes negotiation simulation sessions which help clients gauge payer reaction to a range of proposals.


MORSE Consulting delivers training sessions on the Canadian pharmaceutical reimbursement environment that can be customized for various target audiences.

MORSE Reports

NEW Canadian Reimbursement Trends and Timelines Report Released!

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Timely and relevant updates related to the emerging developments in the Canadian pharmaceutical reimbursement landscape.


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We are always looking for bright, passionate, and motivated individuals, so check out our open positions or send us your resumé.

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