The MORSE Team

Deciphering market access signals to create reimbursement success.

Who We Are

In January 2017, Arvind Mani and Sherry O’Quinn established Mani & O’Quinn Reimbursement Strategy Experts (MORSE) Consulting Inc. This company was created with a shared focus to create a market access consultancy aimed at developing creative solutions for challenging reimbursement situations.

Both Arvind and Sherry have a passion for understanding and exploring emerging healthcare trends to better advise clients and improve the market access dialogue. MORSE aims to be a leader in this space based not only on the insights it provides but the manner in which these observations are communicated.

The MORSE Approach

We seek to effectively understand our client’s challenges and develop viable strategies to help them navigate the market access landscape. We do this through:



MORSE is well versed in both primary (payers, clinicians, patients) and secondary (market access sources) research methodology.


The MORSE team has an established track record for exploring topics on the leading edge of market access (biosimilar uptake, public payer PLA negotiation expectations, private payer PLAs).


MORSE’s ability to research and explore emerging areas of interest combined with its team’s broad healthcare expertise are the foundations for helping develop effective strategies for clients.


MORSE possesses the invaluable skill of distilling seemingly complicated elements of the reimbursement environment into understandable and actionable advice for clients.
  • Arvind Mani

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    Managing Director
  • Sherry O'Quinn

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    Managing Principal
  • Anita Carrie

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    Senior Consultant, Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
  • Anita Gadhok

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    Senior Consultant
  • Sal Cimino

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    Senior Consultant, Private Drug Plans
  • Roy Cairns

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    Senior Consultant
  • Katherine Scott

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  • Lana Duan

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    Reimbursement Analyst
  • Stephanie Gosselin

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    Reimbursement Analyst
  • Zoey Li

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    Reimbursement Analyst

The MORSE Vision

To be a leader in strategic pharmaceutical reimbursement consulting with a reputation for honesty, integrity, and collaboration.

Our team has been recognized by the market access community for their commitment to excellence and providing meaningful, tangible and practical advice to help our clients navigate the increasingly sophisticated market access landscape.

We Possess

  • An understanding of a broad range of therapeutic areas including oncology
  • A combined 40+ years working in health care specializing in pharmaceuticals
  • Experience across many perspectives: government, consulting, associations, private industry, primary care, not for profit, and charitable organizations
  • Expertise in developing strategy for health technology assessment, pricing, and product listing agreement negotiation
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