Gene therapy is a type of treatment that involves modifying the genes of cells to treat or prevent diseases. It is a rapidly evolving field that has potential applications for many conditions.


The client sought to understand the Canadian gene therapy landscape, including the regulatory environment, market access opportunities, and potential barriers, to effectively position their innovative gene therapy product.


Equip the client with a comprehensive gene therapy landscape assessment, identifying key opportunities and challenges to support their market access strategy in Canada while instilling confidence and security in their approach.


Our team of payers and HTA professionals with extensive and unique first-hand experience thoroughly analyzed the Canadian gene therapy market. This involved:


We delivered a comprehensive, customized report that provided the client with actionable insights into the Canadian gene therapy landscape, which included:


Our landscape assessment helped the client understand the Canadian gene therapy market and its intricacies from a payer and HTA perspective. Our unique insights and collaborative approach made them feel confident and secure in their market access strategy, product positioning, and stakeholder engagement efforts, setting the stage for a successful product launch.


MORSE Consulting’s expert analysis of the gene therapy landscape in Canada provided valuable insights and strategic guidance for the client, equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate the complex market and optimize their innovative gene therapy product’s potential. Our unparalleled first-hand payer and HTA expertise, creative solutions, and genuine commitment to our client’s success made a significant difference in their market access journey.


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New Case Study: Canadian Gene Therapy Landscape Assessment