2018 CAHSPR Conference Shaping the Future of Canada’s Health Systems

As its theme for the 2018 Scientific Conference, CAHSPR has chosen the topic of “Shaping the Future of Canada’s Health Systems”.

The conference will explore the future of Canada’s healthcare system and consider how health services research can help to shape that future.

Recently, researchers have focused on population health, considering the impact of social determinants of health, targeting vulnerable populations and understanding the value of patient input. How rapidly will these perspectives influence the health care system and disrupt the status quo?

Many researchers and decision-makers are also working to understand the potential of new technologies and data sources. Will the digital revolutions we all experience in our every day lives become as pervasive in our healthcare system? Will disruptive technologies lead to changes in the social hierarchy of our healthcare professionals? How will changes in the age and gender of our providers impact our system?

All of us are engaged in research that seeks to answer these and other related questions. Our research results and our ability to communicate them to decision makers must play a major role in deciding what our future healthcare system looks like.

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2018 CAHSPR Conference Shaping the Future of Canada’s Health Systems