Accelerating Primary Care Conference 2017

APCC 2017: Advancing Patient Collaborative Care

November 17 – 18 at the Hyatt Regency Calgary

The Accelerating Primary Care Conference (APCC) gathers together experts, professionals, innovators, strategists and collaborators every year. It’s at this conference that the brightest minds and the most passionate hearts explore their collective knowledge and build a better future for primary care in Alberta. And the journey continues!

In 2016, we focused on people, patients and partners which concentrated on the relationships required to build a truly person-centred health care system. This year, APCC completes the circle with an innovative and action-driven agenda that strives for progress, not perfection. It is pushing the boundaries of primary care and concentrating on the patient’s journey across the system. This is where you can hear directly from patients and their families as they relate their stories and discover new innovative approaches. Imagine the positive impacts of including patients in a purposeful effort to improve their experiences when navigating the health care system.

Join us at APCC 2017 where we will inspire participants and build new momentum and confidence as we continue to accelerate person-centred health care in Alberta.

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