CAHR Western Day

Join us for the 2019 Western Day and gain insight from industry leaders in science, economics and policy as they discuss the most important issues in health reimbursement

  • Hear from BC health leadership (invited), including views on current issues, opportunities in pharmaceutical reimbursement, challenges to providing equitable access to medications and how they would like to shape their program to meet future demand.
  • Listen to the HTA expert panel provide their thoughts on how health technology assessment is changing (for better or worse), and how data analytics (including new techniques) can aid in improved decision making.
  • Learn how the patient perspective is driving decisions at every level of development, evaluation and decision-making, as patient groups play a role in data collection and appropriate use of new therapies.
  • Get an update on what’s happening country-wide with the National Policy Update, with a late-breaking view of key initiatives include federal price reforms and the national pharmacare debate.
  • Gain insights from the Oncology Panel as they discuss how data and pan-provincial data gathering initiatives can be used to facilitate decisions related to cancer therapies.
  • Engage with the Provincial Payer Panel representing western provincial drug programs, who will share what is keeping them up at night as they attempt to manage and navigate their programs in the midst of a rapidly changing environment for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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CAHR Western Day