Canada’s MedTech Conference

The Canadian healthcare system faces growing challenges to provide better results for patients, while simultaneously reducing the cost of providing that new level of care. Healthcare system stakeholders, including industry partners, are working to find new ways to deliver value-based solutions that follow the patient pathway and improve the patient experience throughout their journey to better health.

In this emerging value-based environment, choices on adoption of medical technologies and new processes are under increasing scrutiny from a wide range of stakeholders beyond the traditional patient-MD relationship. These stakeholders are tasked to quantify the importance and value delivered from medical technologies in improving patients’ lives and the healthcare system costs.

Canada’s MedTech Conference 2019 has been designed to create a better understanding of the various value initiatives in healthcare, how medical technology can contribute to these initiatives and will involve various healthcare delivery leaders in the sessions to provide a variety of insights on how we can advance patient care and contribute to health system sustainability.  


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Canada's MedTech Conference