Virtual ISPOR Europe 2020

“Improving Health: Establishing Incentives and Sharing Value “

At the start of a new decade in the shadow of a global pandemic, the questioning of fundamental conventions around value, risk, rewards, and the role of public and private sectors has never been more relevant. The exponential pace and scale-up of technological innovation is crucial and never more so than now, as we rethink how we deliver healthcare. Is the way we currently establish, incentivize, and share value sustainable for health systems, patients, and technology developers? If not, why, and how should we share risks and rewards more appropriately? What are the new methodologies needed to establish and assess value, determine how it is shared, and ensure that we can sustain innovation? Are we providing the right incentives to assure we address healthcare problems that bring the most value to society? Medical innovation has shown immense technological progress in the areas of personalized medicine and rare disease. But are these the best areas for continuing investment? And what can we do to help extend progress to broader public health concerns such as antimicrobial resistance? These and other challenging questions will be addressed at Virtual ISPOR Europe 2020. With new, on demand-only content released leading up to the conference, and a 4-day live conference schedule tailored to global audience, Virtual ISPOR Europe 2020 will be your best opportunity to interact with your peers in the HEOR community.

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Virtual ISPOR Europe 2020