Onco Cell Therapy Summit

The Global Onco Cell Therapy Summit is an online event, January 19th – 21st, that provides a platform for information sharing to enable the discovery, translation and commercialization of cell therapies in oncology by connecting senior representatives in pharma, biotechs and academia. The summit will address the research, regulatory, logistical and technical challenges that are holding back the field.

Delve into how thought leaders in cell therapy are addressing threats and opportunities to bring effective therapies to the market through:

  • Meeting efficacies and safety targets as well as the scale of demands.
  • Discovering the latest advances in the journey towards effective allogeneic and solid tumor targeting therapies.
  • Overcoming the challenging in scale up and automation of manufacturing
  • Round table discussions on vectors and the promise of non-viral approaches.
  • Reimbursment strategies and their link to the latest developments in safety trials and regulatory standards

Whilst bringing together the key decision makers for oncological cell therapies, this year’s summit will have an added focus on the data releases and mergers that are driving the surge of interest in harnessing alternative cell therapies in cancer treatments.


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Onco Cell Therapy Summit