Proof of Value: What Pharmacy Can Do for Private Drug Plans

Proof of Value: What Pharmacy Can Do for Private Drug Plans
Ten years ago, Alberta became the first province to expand pharmacists’ scope of professional practice, and today, all provinces have likewise implemented their own version of an expanded scope. In some cases, provinces now also fund pharmacists’ services for patients—even, occasionally, for beneficiaries of private as well as public plans. As a result, retail pharmacies are evolving business models, staffing and workflows to incorporate paid professional services. They are also seeking to establish themselves in the group insurance industry—not only for pharmacists’ services as part of health benefit plans, but also for pharmacy-driven programs in drug plan management. What value can pharmacies bring to plan sponsors, particularly for higher-cost claimants taking multiple medications? What are the biggest hurdles, and how are pharmacies seeking to overcome them? Get the answers to these questions and more at this year’s Pharmacy Solutions in Drug Plan Management conference.

This is a full-morning conference. The Pharmacy Solutions in Drug Plan Management conference will cost $129 plus tax.

Who Should Attend?

Plan sponsors, benefit consultants, advisors, brokers, group insurance, PBM’s, TPA’s, pharmacies, pharmacists and other healthcare stakeholders.

For information on the conference, please contact Sara Ametrano, Conference Editor, Benefits Canada

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