Rational Therapeutics and Medication Policy Research Group 2017 Symposium

The purpose of the RTMP is to bring together Ottawa academic researchers whose work focuses on medication appropriateness and access. More specifically, its goals are:

  •  To create opportunities for networking and developing collaborative projects among RTMP researchers;
  • To provide RTMP researchers with a common platform to present their work and share relevant knowledge and findings with both professional and lay audiences; different media and approaches are used, including professional and lay symposia, a website, and the use of social media.

  • To work toward the production of resources for use by a broad audience – patients, clinicians, and health policy experts — in four key areas corresponding to four levels of knowledge acquisition and application:

    • Clinical:  Medication management

    • Population: Pharmacoepidemiology

    • Resource allocation:  Pharmacoeconomics

    • Health Systems: Pharmaceutical policy

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