Arvind Mani

Managing Director

Arvind has more than 20 years of work experience in industry, associations (pharmaceutical and pharmacy), and consulting. He has an in-depth understanding of pharmaceutical industry issues and is continually looking for opportunities to shed light on emerging issues of importance to the pharmaceutical market access community (e.g. public and private payer product listing agreements, international experience with biosimilars, orphan drugs, etc.). Arvind has the ability to establish positive and constructive relationships with pharmaceutical stakeholders through a strong sense of integrity and trust.

Just as Morse code is able to translate the English language into simple dots and dashes, I see one of our company’s strengths as the ability to decode the intricate and ever-changing market access environment into understandable and accessible ideas. This skill is vital to reimbursement success as it is difficult to arrive at meaningful solutions if all stakeholders are not able to understand one and other.
As Managing Director, Arvind provides organizational leadership at Morse and is responsible for the company’s corporate management and for providing consulting advice to support our PLA and reimbursement related services.

Arvind can be reached at or (613) 864-8645.

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Arvind Mani, Managing Director at MORSE Consulting Inc.