Avery Hughes

Data Analytics & Reimbursement Strategist

Avery has 2+ years of work experience in pharmaceutical reimbursement consulting and has a background in health services research and economics. Her past work experience includes working as a Research Assistant for Health Canada and as an intern in the procurement division of Johnson & Johnson Medical Companies. Avery has assisted in the development of several research reports focusing on an array of topics including biosimilars, cost-utility analyses, the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA), product listing agreements, and drug pricing policy in the Canadian market.

I have always been fascinated by the interplay of economics and healthcare and believe that MORSE provides me with an excellent opportunity to better understand both these spheres. I feel that to be an effective consultant, one needs to approach issues with an objective lens and analytical rigour. I see my role at MORSE as one that not only applies this approach to current market access problems but looks for opportunities to better understand emerging issues in Canadian pharmaceutical reimbursement.

As Data Analytics & Reimbursement Strategist, Avery’s role is to provide research and consulting support to the MORSE team.

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Avery Hughes, Reimbursement Strategist at MORSE Consulting Inc.