Brent Korte

Health Policy Consultant

Brent has 25+ years of experience in pharmaceutical industry and consulting. He has both national and regional expertise in health policy government relations, market access, strategy development and implementation expertise in the provinces. Brent has led teams, mentored leaders and executed strategies and tactics (product strategy development, product listing agreements, advocacy, government relations). He possesses multi-therapeutic experience and expertise in oncology, immunology, biologics, biosimilars, etc.) and is known as a consensus builder striving to establish strategic and constructive partnerships with pharmaceutical stakeholders while building trusting business relationships.

As one of MORSE’s strategic partners, I offer complementary skills and experience while sharing core fundamental values of trust and integrity with the MORSE team. I thrive in a team environment and am confident that a collaboration with MORSE offers significant value to our clients.
As a Health Policy Consultant, Brent provides strategic advice related to commercialization, stakeholder/government relations, corporate communication strategy and PLA implementation.

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Brent Korte, Health Policy Consultant