Lana Duan

Reimbursement Analyst

Lana has 3+ years of experience in life science research encompassing neurobiology and cognitive psychology. Before joining MORSE, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) for 2 years and completed her Master’s degree in Medical Science at the University of Toronto. At SickKids, Lana led 2 projects to investigate the neural basis of, as well as novel treatments for, amnesia. Passionate about facilitating the real-life impact of research and development, she also successfully completed several pro bono consulting engagements during her MSc. Lana contributes to the success of market access projects at MORSE with strong analytical and communication skills developed through her diverse experiences.

Through my experience in life science research, I gained a thorough understanding of the rigorous and intricate process involved in the development of healthcare treatments and products. My role at MORSE is to employ the same rigor in analytics and to efficiently communicate intricacies involved in pharmaceutical reimbursement to clients and stakeholders.

As Reimbursement Analyst, Lana supports market access project-related work such as environmental scans, client advisory boards and research activities, assists in database development, outputs and analytics, and contributes to business development activities.

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