Lorraine Boyle

Strategic Partner & Consultant

Lorraine is the Managing Director for case Market Access Consulting. Lorraine is a former registered nurse with over 25 years of experience in the Canadian public health care system and biopharmaceutical industry. Her experience as a registered nurse spans clinical, education and administrative roles in large Ontario tertiary care facilities. Her industry experience spans sales, marketing, market access, government relations and patient advocacy. Lorraine’s strengths include integrating the patient and clinician perspective along with the clinical and economic value proposition to address payer information requirements for reimbursement decision making. She believes that the patient community perspective and integrating the community voice is a critical element for a successful strategy.

I share the core values of the MORSE team and offer experience and insights that will provide value to clients looking for a robust, practical health technology assessment and reimbursement strategy. This approach leverages the external patient and clinical stakeholder perspective, the expertise of a client’s internal cross functional team and the collaborative efforts and expertise of MORSE.
Lorraine’s unique clinical practice and industry experience bring a perspective to efficient planning that ensures solution-focused strategies and tactics for MORSE’s clients.

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Lorraine Boyle Senior Advisor at MORSE Consulting Inc.