Sang Mi Lee

Director of Innovative Access Solutions

Sang Mi is a passionate healthcare leader & pharmacist with over 15 years of unique healthcare experience (public, pharmaceutical industry, consulting, and not-for-profit). She was both Senior Manager and Senior Pharmacist at the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) Office, where she led and participated in many negotiations for a broad spectrum of products (biosimilars, immunotherapies, rare diseases and gene therapies) with a variety of agreements (e.g. innovative agreements). In her role with the industry, Sang Mi led real world evidence development and access strategies for the oncology portfolio.

I have a reputation for being able to navigate challenging access problems and achieve results through effective collaboration and innovative solutions. Having worked across numerous sectors, I know that we are all striving to achieve the same goal: deliver positive outcomes for patients and the healthcare system through access to meaningful innovations while ensuring sustainability for payers. That’s why MORSE’s vision drew me to this amazing team that can bridge the gap in perspectives and understanding between the key stakeholders.
As the Director of Innovative Access Solutions, Sang Mi will work closely with clients to develop creative solutions and effective tools to navigate the complex and fast-changing reimbursement environment.  

Sang Mi can be reached at or (416)-270-6323.

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