Sherry O’Quinn

Managing Principal

Sherry is a pharmacist with over 20 years of experience working in the government, hospital and private sectors. She has first-hand knowledge of public payer decision making, pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) operations and approach to negotiations having led the negotiation of over 100 Ontario-specific product listing agreements and 20 pCPA negotiations. Sherry is known for her openness, respectfulness, and integrity in dealing with all stakeholders, internal and external. She believes in understanding all parties’ perspectives and working collaboratively to reach feasible solutions.

My vision for MORSE is to bridge the gap in perspectives and understanding between the key stakeholders in the market access space with the mutual objective of ensuring positive outcomes for patients and the health care system overall. MORSE has a unique opportunity to do this given the roles our team have had acting as or working with each stakeholder.
As Managing Principal, Sherry leads MORSE’s consulting services and is responsible for providing clients with the highest quality of work delivering solutions to clients’ reimbursement challenges through application of the MORSE approach and vision.

Sherry can be reached at or (647) 717-3179.

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Sherry O'Quinn, Managing Principal at MORSE Consulting Inc.