Stephanie Gosselin

Reimbursement Associate

Stephanie has a background in health sciences with more than two years of work experience in epidemiological research. Her past experience includes working in clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital with those at the top of the field in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Prior to this, she worked with scientists studying women’s health and cognition at the University of Toronto. Academically, Stephanie has studied access to healthcare services, including pharmaceuticals and health related technologies on a global scale. Through her work at Mount Sinai, she has a special understanding of biologic therapies for IBD patients, and the importance of optimizing the clinical impact of reimbursement decisions for these products. With her interest in epidemiology, Stephanie delves deeply into current disease areas and examines how they play into pharmaceutical access in the Canadian market.

I am excited to help our clients find solutions that benefit all parties involved. I believe the key to success in the Canadian market comes first with understanding the scope of the barriers that stakeholders face. Equipped with this information, together we can strategize how to best overcome any obstacles in market access.

As a Reimbursement Associate, Stephanie supports market access project-related work, assists in database development, outputs and analytics, and contributes to business development activities.

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