Stephen Filbey

Strategic Partner & Consultant

Stephen is the founder and Principal Executive Consultant of his Vancouver based company, WestPAR Consultancy Inc. He is an accomplished professional with 30+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical and related industries, 27 of which have been focused on issues throughout the western provinces. Over the ten most recent years, he has worked with more than 40 organization in solving a variety of market access, reimbursement, policy and advocacy challenges throughout Western Canada. His work spans a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas in the rare disease, oncology and non-oncology markets. A decade of involvement and advising extensively on Biosimilars, has refined his instincts in this unique subset of pharmaceuticals; and complimentary to his Western Canada focus, is a decade of Budget Impact Analysis (BIA) modelling expertise. He has successfully negotiated multiple agreements with BC PharmaCare, BC Cancer Agency, Alberta Health, Saskatchewan Pharmaceutical Services Unit and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. Stephen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Windsor and has completed a Continuing Medical Education & Needs Assessment Internship through the department of CME at the University of Calgary.

As one of MORSE’s strategic partners, I offer a broad base of complimentary strategic skills, connections, and experience throughout the western provinces while sharing the values of trust, honesty, and integrity. The collaboration between WestPAR and MORSE, mutually expands our presence and expertise and I am thrilled to be able to apply my leadership in the budget impact analysis modelling sector of their business. I look forward to the accomplishments our collective team approach will secure for our clients.
Stephen provides expertise related to market access strategies for Western provinces and leads the development of budget impact analysis models for MORSE’s clients.

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Stephen Filbey, Strategic Partner & Consultant at WestPAR