MORSE Consulting’s MAP service provides a much needed solution to overcoming the administrative challenges, and long lead times to organize a traditional reimbursement advisory board with MORSE’s team of market access experts.


MORSE Consulting Inc. is pleased to announce its newest service offering – the MORSE Advisory Panel (MAP), a virtual expert panel that can be expeditiously convened to help your team navigate challenging areas of the reimbursement pathway. With MAP, MORSE is equipped to help you avoid and swiftly overcome obstacles in your market access strategy.


Access to Broad Expertise: This service provides access to insights related to Health Technology Assessment (Anita Carrie), public payers (Sherry O’Quinn, Roy Cairns, Anita Gadhok), and private payers (Sal Cimino), including in highly specialized areas such as oncology and drugs for rare diseases.

Timely Organization: Unlike typical advisory boards which may take months to plan and execute, this service can be delivered in an abbreviated timeline to ensure clients can receive rapid advice on their market access issues.

Efficient Administration: There is no need to negotiate elements such as fair market value for advisors or navigate complex internal compliance rules to organize a session. This service provides a “one-stop shop” that allows clients to efficiently engage with experts, which, coupled with our administrative support in the preparation of summary reports, helps clients to focus on the important questions that need answering.

If your team is interested in a specific needs surrounding the MAP service, we can customize the session to fit your needs.”

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