MORSE Consulting Bolsters Private Payer Expertise

September 9, 2020

Toronto, September 9, 2020 – MORSE Consulting is pleased to announce that Sal Cimino has joined our team as Senior Consultant, Private Drug Plans.

The private payer market is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring a product’s reimbursement success in Canada. With the introduction of new specialty biologics and gene therapies, private payers are turning to new cost containment strategies that strongly resemble the public payer market. Private payers are increasingly considering Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) recommendations for reimbursement decision-making. In addition, similar to public payers, many private payers are expecting the negotiation of product listing agreements (PLAs) as a condition for listing. As a result, there is a clear need for companies to better understand this important and rapidly evolving segment of the reimbursement pathway.

With the addition of Sal Cimino, MORSE Consulting now offers strategic advice related to the private payer market. Sal is a pharmacist with considerable experience working in private insurance, community, and hospital pharmacy. He was the Director of Pharmacy Services at Green Shield Canada (GSC) for nearly 20 years and in that role, Sal was instrumental in developing their premier managed formulary. He was also involved in the introduction of the MAC Pricing and the Tiered Drug programs. As co-chair of the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee Director, Sal was responsible for new drug submission evaluation and formulary listing decision-making. Recently, he and his team were responsible for the operational facet of the GSC Biosimilar Program. In addition, Sal has a unique understanding of how private payers operationalize product listing agreements.

As a Senior Consultant, Private Drug Plans, Sal will help clients achieve reimbursement success by drawing upon his considerable experience to provide meaningful and actionable insights related to private drug plan coverage.



With this addition, MORSE Consulting now offers expert, operational understanding of:

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