“Do you need an expert opinion on your HTA submission or assistance with critical decision making and communications with HTA agencies? “


MORSE Consulting Inc. is pleased to announce its newest service offering – from the pre-submission to post-review phase of HTA, MORSE’s HTA expert Anita Carrie is well-equipped to provide advice with her 10+ years of experience leading or conducting the review of over 100 HTA submissions at CADTH.
If your team has specific needs related to any of our Health Technology Assessment (HTA) services, MORSE has the flexibility to customize its service offerings to meet those needs.

HTA Phase




Client Need

Assess the strength of evidence in submission dossier to achieve desired HTA outcome

Identify major issues to address in CADTH reports and optimize success

Gain insights into the likelihood of success at reconsideration to balance risk and benefit

Gain insights into the likelihood of success at resubmission with newly generated evidence

What We Offer

Thorough review and critical appraisal of submission dossier

Advice and assistance in responding to CADTH reports

Advice and assistance with requests for reconsideration

Advice regarding potential for and approach to resubmission


Strengthen submission to optimize HTA success.

Mitigate issues and develop strategies for a more favorable recommendation.

Assess the viability of a successful resubmission to HTA.

New MORSE HTA Strategic Advice