Can real-world evidence be used to negotiate innovative agreements with payers?

Manufacturers and payers are increasingly focused on exploring the feasibility of using real-world evidence (RWE) to negotiate innovative agreement (IA) solutions. With the recent addition of Jaclyn Beca and Sang Mi Lee to the MORSE team, we are pleased to be able to offer a new RWE/Innovative Agreements Workshop for our clients.

Their in-depth understanding of what type of RWE resonates with payers, coupled with insights on Canadian and international experience surrounding innovative product listing agreements, can help companies explore new frameworks for upcoming drug launches – particularly for treatments focused on rare diseases, oncology, or gene therapies.<


This interactive workshop is intended to:

1. Provide clients with an overview of the evolving Canadian innovative agreement and real-world evidence environment with tangible examples.

2. Provide guidance for clients to assess when innovative agreements should be considered in Canada during the market access strategy development.

3. Discuss necessary components for the development of an innovative agreement proposal to sensitize various internal (global and local teams) and external (payers) stakeholders.

4. Identify what data sources are needed and available and how such data may be accessed and analyzed.

5. Provide insights on how innovative agreements can successfully be implemented to allow for improved patient access while maintaining the sustainability of the healthcare system.


  • Why and when a company should consider an innovative agreement
  • Past Canadian examples of how innovative agreements were used
  • What does an innovative agreement actually help with and what does it not help with?
  • Components to support financially focused innovative agreements
  • Thinking through what’s needed to support performance-based innovative agreements:
    • What outcome to measure?
    • How will the information be used?
    • What are the outcomes being compared to?
    • Data: What is required, available and where to collect it?
    • Analytic feasibility: Can the analysis be done, and how?

This 2.5-hour workshop can help level-set an organization’s understanding and expectations of what is feasible with respect to RWE and innovative agreement options.


Jaclyn Beca, Director of Pharmacoeconomics and RWE

Jaclyn is a health economist with more than 12 years of experience supporting the public sector, including provincial governments, cancer agencies and health technology assessment committees. She has had hands-on experience deriving insights from real-world data to inform funding.

Sang Mi Lee, Director of Innovative Access Solutions

Sang Mi is a passionate healthcare leader & pharmacist with over 15 years of unique healthcare experience (public, pharmaceutical industry, consulting, and not-for-profit). She has negotiated innovative agreements, including outcome-based agreements.

Please note, the workshop is only available to pharmaceutical companies.

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New MORSE Innovative Agreements and RWE Workshop