MORSE pCPA Assessment

Are you anticipating Health Canada approval and positive CADTH/INESSS recommendations and want to know what to expect when negotiating with the pCPA?

MORSE Consulting offers a pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) Assessment service that evaluates a client’s product and competitive landscape from a public payer perspective and helps develop an optimal pCPA negotiation strategy.



With an unprecedented level of Canadian public payer expertise, MORSE Consulting is uniquely qualified to help clients prepare for their pCPA negotiation experience.

MORSE will work with the client to understand the potential barriers and facilitators to successfully negotiating their product and can provide payer insights to innovative approaches the client may have developed.

Clients will have the opportunity to hear firsthand how the pCPA is likely to prioritize the negotiation allowing the market access team to prepare and coordinate internal approval and alignment prior to reaching the negotiation table.


The pCPA Assessment will sensitize clients to the challenges faced by public payers when dealing with negotiations and aims to develop solutions that consider the interest of all key stakeholders involved in this process.

Clients will be provided with a realistic evaluation of their product from a public payer perspective to be able to optimize their strategy and gain internal alignment prior to negotiating with the pCPA.

Whether the company is getting ready for its first negotiation, or its tenth, our team of experienced ex-public payer negotiators will help anticipate the pCPA’s approach and provide recommendations on tailoring the strategy accordingly.

If your team has specific needs related to any of our pCPA Assessment services, MORSE has the flexibility to customize its service offerings to meet those needs.
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