MORSE Consulting offers ongoing strategic advice to optimize the prospect of reimbursement success throughout the Canadian pharmaceutical lifecycle.

Client Challenge

Manufacturer uncertain of how to approach the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) for an oral oncology product after a positive Health Technology Assessment (HTA) recommendation and sought advice on navigating pCPA process within the relevant payer landscape.

MORSE’s Solution

Conducted interactive session to discuss client’s draft pCPA strategy and provided advice to improve possibility of a successful negotiation. Reviewed client’s presentation material to ensure messaging was clear, concise and reduced any anticipated payer concerns and uncertainty. Continued support throughout the negotiation process to interpret responses from lead jurisdiction and provided advice on subsequent offers or responses.

Value to Client

Provided critical assessment of client’s pCPA strategy from a credible third party with payer and pCPA experience. Assessed feasibility, opportunities, and challenges of approach, and identified other potential options for consideration. Provided tangible advice and developed action plan to strengthen likelihood of successful outcome.
Strategic Advice