MORSE Consulting delivers training sessions on the Canadian pharmaceutical reimbursement environment that can be customized for various target audiences.

Case Study

Manufacturer’s market access lead faced issues in sensitizing the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) on the challenges associated with the reimbursement environment in Canada.

MORSE's Solution

Developed a training session that provided an overview and description of the “current state” of the Canadian current market access environment to the ELT. Leveraged direct experience and pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) process metrics to help manage ELT expectations in terms of time-to-negotiate, level of value typically sought in pCPA negotiations, and the potential for variation in the level of public reimbursement between provinces. Through a comprehensive interactive session, began to sensitize ELT to the importance of timely global engagement and support for market access strategies and negotiation mandates.

Value to Client

The training session sensitized the ELT to the rapidly changing and challenging reimbursement environment and “level-set” internal expectations for current and upcoming launches.