Negotiation Revitalization

MORSE provides strategic and tactical solutions to assist clients in addressing challenges in stalled and/or complex product listing agreement (PLA) negotiations.
The client has arrived at a juncture in their PLA negotiation where it seems impossible to find a viable way forward.
This service helps clients reach a conclusion to their stalled or complex PLA negotiations.

Ongoing Strategic Advice

MORSE offers ongoing strategic advice to the client throughout the negotiation process to anticipate, plan and effectively address the opportunities and challenges that may arise.
The client team about to begin or amid its product listing agreement (PLA) negotiation with the payer may be seeking an increased and specific understanding of the needs of the payer to formulate feasible proposals for the payer’s consideration.

This service provides clarity to our clients on the payer’s PLA expectations throughout the negotiation process.

Planning Sessions

MORSE facilitates sessions with the client to explore the various relevant factors that are likely to inform the components of the product listing agreement (e.g. financial, risk mitigation, patient support, etc.) as well as the development of a draft framework for their negotiation approach. In anticipation of an upcoming launch of a product or a recommendation from the relevant health technology assessment agency, market access teams may be unsure how to approach the pending pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) negotiations with payers, particularly given the dynamic evolution of the Canadian reimbursement landscape.
This service allows clients to address their uncertainty and develop a strategic approach to pCPA negotiations.

“Successfully navigating the challenging market access landscape demands an insightful and actionable understanding of the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) and a clear appreciation of the payer environment.”

- Sherry O’Quinn, Managing Principal

Private Payer Strategy

MORSE provides strategic insights to clients on potential options to successfully negotiate a product listing agreement (PLA) with private payers and/or Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs). The client is trying to develop effective PLA options when faced with multiple private payers requesting varied negotiation frameworks in a highly opaque system.
This service offers our clients a clearer understanding of the unique PLA needs of private payers and PBMs.

PLA Seminars

MORSE provides in-house and webinar training seminars aimed at sensitizing the client on best practices and payer expectations. Market access teams often face internal pressure related to pricing and timing expectations for their upcoming launch and need to sensitize the internal stakeholders about the evolving reimbursement environment.
This service allows clients to communicate reimbursement challenges within their own organization.
Negotiation Strategy