Advisory Boards

MORSE participates and facilitates market access advisory boards across all therapeutic areas, including oncology. Market access teams often seek advice from a variety of experts regarding an upcoming product launch. The MORSE team has experience participating from the perspective of an ex-payer and Canadian reimbursement expert and acting as facilitators at these sessions.
This service provides strategic insights to assist the client in their internal planning.

Market Access Appraisals

MORSE conducts appraisals of the reimbursement landscape across all therapeutic areas, including oncology. These appraisals include an analysis of the current public and private funding of other products in the relevant therapeutic area, the Health Technology Assessment Agency’s review and recommendation, and the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) experience. While planning for a new product launch within a “new” therapeutic area for the client or a particularly complex area, market access teams seek to understand the potential opportunities and challenges for the reimbursement of the product.
This service provides independent insights to the client on the public and private reimbursement environment for their product.

Payer Research

MORSE provides public and private payer research services to assist clients in better understanding payer perceptions/expectations surrounding their product.
A client may need to “pressure test” their tactics with the payer community to assess the feasibility of their reimbursement strategy. Drawing upon our well-established network of payer contacts, MORSE can conduct primary research on a broad range of issues (e.g. reimbursement criteria, policy expectations, general pricing expectations, etc.).

This service provides insights to the client on public/private payer expectations for certain elements of their product.

`Effectively preparing to launch a pharmaceutical product in Canada requires a clear understanding of the market access environment and an ability to keep informed of the latest developments that may impact your market.``

- Arvind Mani, Managing Director

Reimbursement Seminars

MORSE offers reimbursement training courses which can be customized to the needs of the individual clients. These courses can be tailored to acclimatize employees new to the market access space in Canada.

This service provides new team members with the appropriate knowledge and understanding to achieve the organization’s reimbursement objectives.

Reimbursement Risk Appraisals

MORSE conducts appraisals of potential risks associated with seeking new or revised reimbursement related to a specific product and issue.
Specific and unique circumstances may face market access teams such as new indications for existing products or other changes in the environment such as therapeutic class negotiations.

This services provides an independent appraisal of the reimbursement risks and recommends strategies to mitigate these risks.

Reimbursement Strategy