MORSE delivers broad Market Access Strategy Services customized to your products & team's needs, from developing your data and insight driven early market access strategy and plan to using our suite of services to prepare, inform, optimize or validate your reimbursement approach.

Comprehensive Market Access Launch Strategy

At MORSE Consulting, our Comprehensive Market Access Launch Strategy provides full support to assess, mitigate, and optimize market access success, especially for specialty drugs and those treating rare conditions. From early pipeline to negotiation, we closely examine both public and private market access landscapes, identify risks and opportunities, and make strategic choices about evidence, timing, and positioning. We complement your dossier preparation, develop pricing and payer engagement strategies, and create negotiation strategies aligned with payer needs. We also advise on broader stakeholder engagement. Throughout, we serve as your trusted advisor, helping you navigate complex decisions for a successful launch in the Canadian healthcare market.

Market Access Landscape Analysis

Market Access Landscape Analysis

At MORSE Consulting, we provide Market Access Landscape Analysis to guide your strategy throughout the product launch life cycle. With our expertise in the Canadian payer context, we support your needs from evidence strategy to reimbursement and post-market processes. Our services include market access assessments, primary research, customized analytics, pricing analyses, and oncology trends, all supported by our proprietary HTA database. This enables you to make informed decisions and navigate market access with confidence.

HTA Planning and Reimbursement Evidence Strategy

At MORSE Consulting, we leverage our expertise in the Canadian payer and HTA context to guide your HTA assessment and (re)submission strategies throughout the product launch life cycle. As experts in the pCPA, HTA, and pharmaceutical value strategy, we provide insights into Canadian market influencers and payers’ views on value. Our services include developing and strengthening pharmacoeconomic model strategies, informing clinical trial development and RWE planning, conducting HTA dossier reviews, and facilitating advisory boards with key opinion leaders. With our advice, you can navigate and optimize the HTA landscape with confidence.

HTA Planning & Reimbursement Evidence Strategy
Negotiation Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Negotiation & Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

At MORSE Consulting, we leverage our understanding of Canadian payers to optimize your approach, validate your position, and navigate pCPA and private payer negotiations. As experts on the pCPA, we develop strategic plans, provide insights into economic and clinical evidence applications, and conduct simulated negotiations. Our experience with private payer strategies ensures comprehensive market access success. Our services, including the MORSE Advisory Panel, stakeholder mapping, insight gathering, and implementation planning, ensure a clear path to optimal outcomes in Canadian payer negotiations.

Portfolio & Life Cycle Strategy

At MORSE Consulting, we leverage our deep expertise in the Canadian market access landscape to help you plan and optimize your portfolio and life cycle challenges. Our team understands the organizations, policies, and ecosystem that influence payer decisions, providing honest and practical advice. We conduct risk assessments, develop re-negotiation strategies, and offer guidance on generic entry and multiple indication strategies. Partnering with MORSE allows you to make informed decisions, align resources, prioritize opportunities, and ensure long-term success in the Canadian healthcare market.

Portfolio & Life Cycle
Expert-Led Training & Customized Workshops

Expert-Led Training & Customized Workshops

Leveraging our expertise in the Canadian market access landscape, MORSE Consulting offers training programs and interactive workshops to prepare your team for success. Our programs focus on orientation and capacity building, covering key aspects of the Canadian healthcare system. Our customized workshops support market access teams with complex assets like DRDs, cell & gene therapies, and innovative agreements. Engaging with our expert-led services equips your team to navigate the Canadian market and achieve optimal outcomes throughout the product life cycle.